Elan Vanilla Extracts and Concentrates are manufactured exclusively from beans of choice quality. Be they Bourbon, Indonesian, or Tahitian, to be percolated by Elan they must be the finest beans grown. Elan Vanilla Extract is a rich, full-bodied product, properly aged for roundness and bouquet. Tested and controlled in our laboratories for uniformity and quality, Elan Vanillas easily qualify as the standard of the industry. 

Standard Product List (Pure Bourbon, Indonesian, or blends)

  • Pure Vanilla Extract 1-Fold
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 3-Fold
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 10-Fold
  • Vanilla-Vanillin Extract (2 & 4 Folds) - Cat II
  • Natural Vanilla Concentrates (10, 20, 25 & 32 Folds)
  • Organic Pure Vanilla Extracts and Concentrates

(100% Certified Organic, made from organic vanilla beans and organic alcohol)

Mexican extracts available upon special request.

All Elan products are certified Kosher.

Packaging: Our products are typically packaged in 1 gallon bottles (usually 4 in a case), 3 & 5 gallon pails, and 15, 30 or 55 gallon drums. We are also equipped to handle the filling of 275 gallon totes or liquid bulk trailers.

* The above only lists our most popular, standard vanilla products. We are experts at custom blending to match or develop any particular flavor profile you may need or any economic restraint you may be working under.