Elan Inc. is a family owned business that has been in operation at this location for over 30 years, and before in Brooklyn for over 60 years. Our offices and production facility are located in Newark, NJ. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality ingredients for the flavor and fragrance industry.

We have been an innovator in Natural Aromatic Chemicals for several years. Our Research & Development team has been working to bring the latest technology together with our customer's current requirements in a constantly changing industry. The result has been an expanding product list that better serves the industry. We have also been able to make these products available at affordable prices due to the development and improvement of processes to make our production more efficient.

The company is comprised of two major divisions - Elan Chemical Co. and Elan Vanilla Co. Elan Chemical Co. produces aromatic chemical intermediates for the flavor & fragrance industry. This accounts for approximately 75% of our chemical business. The remaining 25% serves the pharmaceutical and petrochemical field. Elan Vanilla Co. is a leading worldwide producer of vanilla products for the top ice-cream producers and bakeries. We also provide custom manufacturing on a proprietary basis.